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Thursday, 23 August 2012

A walk across the valley

Let us walk across the valley,
See roses blossom at the bottom,
For once our eyes will forget degraded ecosystems elsewhere,
And minds full of businesses will go fresh.

Property of a true natural gardener,
The moist cucumber will cool our hearts and quench the thirst,
Runner beans creating a picture of Kenyan athletes,
And our ethnic diversity in the valley biodiversity.

Umbeliferae coriander,
A bitter herb to the Israelites at passover,
Its bitterness now over,
Its aroma transports you back to the shamba for more.

Cast out the devil and witchcraft with angelica,
Blooms with appearance of Michael the Arch Angel,
Efficacious and delicious at the same level,
Cure mad dog biting, toothache, afterbirth and breath shortness.

Will you mind if we sit next to the rosemary?
The romantic flower for memory improvement,
If one or two of its flowers miss on my wedding cake,
I will take my life so that three or four can be planted on my grave.

Tasty fruits from the thorny berry,
Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry,
Neither is savoury,
Different fruits same armoury.

As you complete your race,
Consume some raw lettuce,
And get your eyesight improved,
Or carry some home for a delicious salad.

Imagine having this garden along the footpaths at home.
A botanical garden you will tame?
A bloomy flower picturesque!
It will be very unique!

Abednego Osindi (BSc Enviornmental Science- UoN)
©2014. All rights reserved @Abedos Media!

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