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Thursday, 23 August 2012


The most outstanding feature,
Traversing the savannas,
Largest, heaviest and boldest.

Celebration of several birthdays before seeing his first generation
Has been cut short
By the big headed culprit
Who needs the precious charm.

The poisoned arrow kills him slowly.
Trudging back to his rendezvous
Proves undo able
Because the strong chemical spreads quickly.
No vet around to intoxicate it
And a dull thud confirms Jumbo a gone case.

Enemy mercilessly pulls the valuable,
Leaving vultures with a reason to smile.
May survive the poison or not.

Smiling all the way to ivory trade,
Will get his turn.
Back for reproduction as usual
While on the other hand,
It will take decades to see a live duplicate of the carcass.
Oh poor Jumbo!

All rights reserved! @Aosindi 2012.

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