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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Cry of Mother Nature!

It has taken me millenniums, centuries and decades,
My children well kept, tendered under strict codes,
In a beauty pageant, I can assure you of all the accolades,
A glance at my elegant scenery, your wrinkle fades,

All the family members have been one great ecosystem,
That surpasses any human system,
From the tree canopy down the stem,
From the ground cover deep the root meristem.

Down the valley the river could flow,
Fish jumping up and down for to swallow,
In the mud the hippopotamus could wallow,
Water for your use could always allow.

The white snow caps on the mountain peaks,
Moraine dammed lakes from ice streaks,
Up there the climber speaks,
I wonder how he sneaks.

Forests in full range biodiversity,
Could naturally overcome any adversity,
Didn't matter how punching was the animosity,
Each tree species ensured its dynasty.

You promised to replace one with two or three,
But you forgot to replace the tree,
Is it because you get it for free?
You have totally gone against the decree.

Look at how am suffering the ordeal,
You went out for the real deal,
Sneaking and crawling to steal,
To secure your daily meal.

You have invited global warming,
Through forest clearing and forwarding,
Ice caps are melting and rivers shrinking,
Soon everything good will be nothing.

Waste disposal has become careless,
A disturbance translating to my children going restless,
Both terrestrial and aquatic have become helpless,
With their extinction I will become valueless.

I promise to fight back,
It will be worse luck,
All of you in a sack,
Will be suffering in stacks!

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