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Monday, 15 October 2012


Like a particle under free fall,
I saw it come down with a thud.
Thought it were having fun,
Not realizing the pain.

Two days gone by,
And at the valley bottom
Lies the bird carcass
That has been feeding on domestic grains.

Beautiful feathers scattered,
Not to be replaced by new ones
But gone for good.
Never to be seen again.

Nostrills torn apart
By the scavenging ants.
Will they survive thw poison?
I guess they may follow suit.

Elegant scaly feet,
Peeling back with haste.
To expose the fleshy section
And accelerate saprophytism.

They enchroached the habitat,
Aiming to change the bird habit
That never worked even a bit.
Best way was to exterminate it.

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  1. Wangari Maathai was an icon- not because of her economic affluence but because of her passion about the environment. You too are no different. You are passionate about the environment and all your articles do not shy away from this fact!