My desire to ensure environmental sustainability.

Point blank on environmental issues.

Monday, 18 November 2013


The first one in centuries,
To display efforts,
Towards environmental conservation,
He has gone green.

Believes in the warning,
Of human induced global warming,
And obtained an electric car,
To take him around Vatican.

May soon put up a parsnip garden,
Highly recommended for lent consumption,
Its roots survive in winter,
As Christians survive in lent,

Will cast out evil with Angelica,
That blooms on Michael The Archangels' day,
He knows Coriandrum sativa,
One of the bitter herbs during the Passover.

Christians all over the world,
Already have a spear header,
In environmental sustainability,
He is one of our own.

Francis of Assisi,
Our  patron saint of Ecologists,
Pray for us,
That we may live by this.

All rights @Aosindi 2012!

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