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Monday, 7 April 2014

It is no longer Waste

Now, most of us believe that old toilet materials, especially the ceramics, become waste immediately we replace them with new ones. Could it because they are associated with "human waste," that we cannot reuse them? No! I think is lack of some basics on how one can recycle such materials...did you know that the ceramics could be turned into cement? Yes, the old ceramic toilet sitters and tanks could be actually crushed into fine particles, and finally cement. Indeed, Treacy's article, "Old toilets, other ceramic waste can be made into "greener" cement," discusses the process in detail:
ceramic castaways, as well as bricks, can be used to make a cement that's just as strong as traditional cement, but through a process that's much less dirty.
A more shocking revelation is that another waste material is used as an activator. According to Treacy, rice husk can be used instead of sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate, meaning it is such an economical process that minimizes on costs and environmental damage. This type of cement is even much stronger than normal! Great one there, and everyone is on the know.

Source: Tree Hugger 
-Abednego Osindi (Bsc. Environmental Science, UoN)-
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