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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Here Comes Easter

It was approaching the end of lent,
When Jesus and His disciples had paid rent,
In preparation for the last supper,
I hear the room was upper.
As they went to pray at Gethsemane,
Judas had already gone for money,
And the soldiers were many,
It was indeed time for the son of man.
Then they went to Pilate,
And the fear for being late,
Denied them time congratulate,
But ample one to humiliate.
Jesus had to carry the cross,
He had to go across,
With enemies so close,
But had nothing to lose.
Our Lord died painfully,
Washing our sins carefully,
Then He rose silently,
As the world celebrated calmly.
As we celebrate the Easter,
Let us take that E-star,
To all those who do not have,
Just to make sure we serve.

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