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Thursday, 6 August 2015

All Ways

I heard of it always,
Carried it all ways,
Even across the railways,
Never to know what it was.

My sister could send me,
Running at my best,
All the way to the shop,
To bring it for her.

I remember carrying it,
Just without a wrapping,
Cause I didn’t know the meaning,
It was indeed funny.

Now fully grown,
The child days gone,
Seeing my sister in the beautiful gown,
Makes me mourn.

The stuff did her good,
It boosted her mood,
And made her tame,
All that shame.

With it she could manage the broom,
With it she won’t lock her room,
With it she could groom,
Complementing the flower bloom.

Our poor girls can’t afford it,
It has made them flee,
Wish it were given for free,
Cause the situation is shaming.

Those girls need pads,
Those mothers need them too,
Let them be comfortable,
And I know it is possible!

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