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Friday, 5 February 2016

Hurt-on collision

My soul searched,
My eyes saw,
My heart felt,
My spirit accepted,
And my mind discovered.

That you are water in its purest form,
Water tapped before the mountains went forestless,
Water tapped before the rivers knew pollution,
Water tapped before the lakes went saline,
And wells ran dry,
Water driving everyone thirsty.

The water gave me a love potion,
And today I wana make a proposition,
Though it might meet opposition,
I am sure it will be a hurt-on collision,
Thus an amazing coronation,
Calling you my queen,
And me your king.

Then we shall belong to the palace,
Which is the only place,
Where you find solace,
Servants untying your shoelace,
As you step in shoeless,
Your shoulders shawlless,
But to the world you will show less.

When you call me for revenge,
Please don’t find it strange,
For I will bring drama on stage,
And put the enemies in the cage,
As we enjoy at the edge,
Watching the sun come of age,
Thus turning our page.

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