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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Amorous Confession

Listen my gentle one, 
These are the cherished moments,
Hours of ecstasy,
Minutes of illusions,
And seconds of romantic numbness.

For this time distance means nothing,
Important is the communication we have,
Wish you a good day,
Blessed night,
SMSs complementing the feelings.

For this time I may not buy you jewels,
But my love for you is priceless,
Your beauty so invaluable,
Character so noble.

Am yet to perfect,
So I need respect,
For me to protect,
The one I respect.

My cry in front of you isn’t weakness,
Is just that this unique feeling is shameless,
Making me become manner less,
How I wish you understood.

Incase I go wrong,
Please never take long,
Cause it may grow strong,
Making you refuse my ring.

Incase we part ways,
Let me the know cause,
So that I can mend the path,
For a greater reconciliation.

Loving you is all that is left,
So please stand aloft,
Cause we can’t be wrong,
When all others are right. 

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