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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I think I love orientation,
One that is out to give direction,
One that is out to give motivation,
One that is out to culture inspiration.

But I think I am confused,
Because I realized,
That my friend “came out,”
Making me doubt,
If I love orientation.

I heard him praise his partner,
Just like she praised hers,
Wow! What a relationship,
That might have started in a sailing ship.

I seriously need to know the other party,
And I hope I am not getting naughty,
Because I am curious to have a find,
Another treat for the mind.

But the know served me worse,
Is it really the one he was?
With the priceless looks she wears?
I don’t think anyone cares.

With that orientation,
I am left in imagination,
May be waiting for consolation,
Better still a solution.

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