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Friday, 12 June 2015

Seeking a better life

Today looks boring,
My ears don’t like the songs,
So no music any more,
The fingers have refused the keyboard,
So no more games,
And the eyes?
Neither ready to read nor watch.

But the day seems to be so long!
I think I need company along,
With that the day will run,
Actually the week will rush,
Pushing the month along,
And years will humbly count!

It is time to make it work,
Even if it means a tiring walk,
All the way to the land of talk,
Where no one will stalk,
But rather fill my happiness stock.

The journey started yesterday,
But today  is a bit lazy,
I hope tomorrow will be a continuity,
And the day after an habit,
Forever seeking a better life.

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