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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


In my childhood days,
I thought green is just but a colour.
I enjoyed adding modifications to it.
Green, greener, greenest or even greenish.
Nothing beyond that!

Maybe I was too young
To comprehend its full meaning
Because hearing, spelling, writing, speaking,
And drawing with a green pen or chalk
Was by itself greening!

Going green?
Which is this place called green?
Why not blue or brown?
Let me consult my phone
And get to learn.

It is a specific section
Of environmental and economic intersection,
Encouraging human well being and social pomotion
Yet reducing environmetal degredation
And balancing the ecological equation.

Talks of the sustainability pillars,
Arable between social and environment,
Viable between environment and economic,
Equitable between economic and social.

This developing mother land,
Full of agricultural potential.
Has incorporated modern methods
Some friendly some unfrienly
Main  aim to boost
Present foood security,
Reduce poverty,
And curb mortality
Without considering posterity.

Amzing Indian Ocean
Across the coastal borders.
Whose water is unfit for use
But for products you will never re fuse
Crabs, prawns, dolphin, carageenin. . .
They are seeking marine protection.

We have gone in for water polltion,
Promoting sedimantation,
Deforestation. . .
Remember only 3% is fit for consumption.

CSR working out better.
Organizing environmental marathons, walks and talks.
Afforestation an order of the day
To protect catchment areas
And achieve the 10% goal!

Solar street lights
Strategic garbage sites,
Proper drainage and sanitation,
Green building construction,
Recreational parks,
And urban forestry
Are all dreams for my green city
Trickling all the to the municipality.

Unsighrty dumping sites
With oppotunity lots.
Enegry potential from methane,
Fertilizer production
To ensure waste reduction
And recycling at different locations.

We should take it into roads.
Seeking electric car subsidies.
Perahps it will be a new regime
Of a pollution minimum.

I like our National heritage
From the wild to those in the cage
Attracting tourists of any age
Who are never in sabotage.
Twende tujivinajari!

Let us embrace framework and modelling,
Enabling incentives
To capture green investors' eyes
Finance projects. . .
And all will be green, greener, greenest!

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