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Monday, 31 August 2015

Bye Summer, See You Soon

Hey summer,
Otsukare sama deshita,
It was nice meeting you,
I grew up meeting your relations every year,
But you seemed a unique one,
Making me doubt if I have ever experienced summer.  

Summer, I hate you!
I felt sickly,
Because of you,
I lost appetite,
Because of you,
Missed my favorite dish,
Eating less every day,
But summer,
Did you have to do that?

My passion to hate you is even stronger,
As you seemed not to care,
Hitting with a double tragedy,
Of rooftop temperatures and boiling point humidity,
These accelerated sweating and fatigue,
Even without participation in a league,
The impact was evident on the head through the leg.

Summer, I am not yet done with you,
So please chew your born alone,
Do you remember that towel?
That I carried throughout the day?
The AC usage bill?
Moulds in my room?
Sleeping in my birthday suit?
I hate to remember this!

But summer,
I love you at the same level,
Thank you for the cicadas,
I fell in love with their sounds,
Could have made a 1001 tunes from them,
But too bad I lack the ability!

The vacation was too good to end,
Festivals all over,
Invitations to parties and barbecues,
To meet and make new friends,
Those fireworks,
Ample time for site seeing,
I mean it was fun all through.

Although the complements are not enough,
They made us enjoy and laugh,
Even when the moments were tough,
It touched the real nerve,
That is why I want to send this dove,
All the way with much love,
With the words well drawn in a curve,
Saying “Bye Summer, See you soon.”

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