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Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Japanese Girlfriend

I am sitting here,
Everything seems to be right here,
But that is not the case,
For something is amiss,
What could be the mess?

My heart beats faster,
My mind so restless,
I am dumb,
My hands so numb,
My legs can’t move,
The eyes out of focus,
Seeing the same image in everything.

All these troubles caused by one situation,
That I met at the auction,
I can’t believe I took the action,
Because I didn’t like such actions,
I don’t know why!

Many had come my way,
I pushed them away,
But things changed at her arrival,
Glad she didn’t find a rival.

No rivalry to my Japanese girlfriend,
She is the only one,
Who knows what I need at what time,
If I need a ride,
She is right there for me,
Just a little lubrication,
Sit on and I keep it calm,
Enjoying the moment.

But oh my!
She demands too much servicing,
Being inflated all the time,
Because deflation is not a choice.

This is task is sometimes daunting,
But I will never give up,
My ego cannot allow that,
For she is too precious,
Too invaluable,
So important,
No option,
She is mine.

She is so loyal,
Making me feel royal,
So eco-friendly,
Making me friendly,
She takes care of me,
I take care of her,
So we take care of each other,
Oh this Japanese girlfriend,

Thursday, 19 May 2016


When you say I am educated, remember I searched for it,
I accepted to be a fool,
And the dream became full,
It has taken me time,
And the struggle continues.

When you say I am rich, remember I was ones penniless,
Struggling to get a shilling that I could call mine,
It never came that easy.

When you say I am full, remember there was a time I slept hungry,
My stomach roared,
Downing a cup of strong tea made the night for me.

When you say I am smart, remember I was ones in tatters,
All my clothes full of patches,
Talk of school uniform,
My Sunday best,
And my beloved soccer shorts.

When you say I am riding, remember I ones walked shoeless,
Walking all the miles to school,
And sometimes all the way to the grandma’s place.

When you say I am proud, think of where I have come from,
Only then will you realize the reason for that ‘pride.’

So, please don’t judge me by the present,
But rather where I have come from,
I gave up on many things,
Some good, some bad,
Some sweet, some sour,
Some painful, some pleasurable,
…all those!

That is what it took to be me,
And I am sure it is not too late for you to do it.