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Thursday, 19 May 2016


When you say I am educated, remember I searched for it,
I accepted to be a fool,
And the dream became full,
It has taken me time,
And the struggle continues.

When you say I am rich, remember I was ones penniless,
Struggling to get a shilling that I could call mine,
It never came that easy.

When you say I am full, remember there was a time I slept hungry,
My stomach roared,
Downing a cup of strong tea made the night for me.

When you say I am smart, remember I was ones in tatters,
All my clothes full of patches,
Talk of school uniform,
My Sunday best,
And my beloved soccer shorts.

When you say I am riding, remember I ones walked shoeless,
Walking all the miles to school,
And sometimes all the way to the grandma’s place.

When you say I am proud, think of where I have come from,
Only then will you realize the reason for that ‘pride.’

So, please don’t judge me by the present,
But rather where I have come from,
I gave up on many things,
Some good, some bad,
Some sweet, some sour,
Some painful, some pleasurable,
…all those!

That is what it took to be me,
And I am sure it is not too late for you to do it.   

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